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AONeuro Course in Cartagena, Colombia reaps success

Cartagena Course

In March, AONeuro held a course in Cartagena, Colombia, sharing the current best strategies and considerations for managing neurotrauma patients. More...

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AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma

July 09-10, 2015, Murnau, Germany   Register now

Target participants

The course has been developed for surgeons who manage neurotrauma and reconstruction and who have a strong interest in these fields. It has a focus on interdisciplinary care and is appropriate for neurosurgeons, CMF, ENT, trauma, and other surgeons.

Course description

This course covers the current best strategies and considerations for managing neurotrauma patients. It features an international faculty of experts and is based on the competencies defined in AONeuro’s new curriculum in neurotrauma.

The course content is delivered using multiple methods. Comprehensive lectures concentrate on the understanding of core material. Interactive case presentations further deepen this knowledge and enrich the discussion in trauma management. Practical sessions teach the application of AO principles to the management of common injuries. Case-based discussions link the lecture material and practical skills with the clinical problems encountered in real practice.

Learning Objectives

After the course, participants will be better able to:

  • Apply current classification systems and guidelines in neurotrauma
  • Manage neurotrauma and skull base fractures in adult, pediatric, and polytrauma patients
  • Conduct advanced neuromonitoring
  • Plan and perform appropriate operative treatment (eg, decompressive craniectomy, complex cranial reconstruction)
  • Manage cerebrospinal fluid leaks and other complications and perform dural repairs


Free featured lecture Davos 2014

Featured lecture

Horizons in research–TBI and concussion

from David Okonkwo, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Click here to view the lecture.

Upcoming educational events

May 8–10, 2015, Bangalore, India, AONeuro Course—Skull Base
May 19–20, 2015, Guangzhou, China, AONeuro Course—Advances in Neurotrauma
May 21–22, 2015, Guangzhou, China, AONeuro Course—Principles in Neurotrauma
June 04–06, 2015, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma
June 13, 2015, Seoul, Korea, AONeuro Symposium—Traumatic Brain Injury
July 09–10, 2015, Murnau, Germany, AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma
August 5, 2015, Mazatlan, Mexico, AONeuro Seminar—Neurotrauma

Save the date:

September 3–5, 2015, Seattle, USA, AONA Combinded AONeuro / AOSpine Residents Course 2015
November, 2015, Santiago, Chile, AONeuro Seminar—Neurotrauma
November 4–6, 2015, Edinburgh, UK, AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma
December 15–17, 2015, Davos, Switzerland, AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma


December, 2015, Davos, Switzerland, AONeuro Webinar—Dural Repair

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