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Davos Course 2015

Davos Course

AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma

December 15–17, 2015, Davos Switzerland—Register now

Course Chairs

Rocco Armonda

Rocco Armonda 
MedStar-Washington Hospital Center & Georgetown University Hospital, US

Francesco Biroli

Francesco Biroli
Azienda Ospedaliera Papa Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo, Italy

Goal of the Course

The Davos AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma covers the theoretical basis and practical principles for managing neurotrauma, addressing complications, and performing state-of-the-art reconstructive surgery.

Davos Courses

Course description

This course covers the current best strategies and considerations for managing neurotrauma patients. It features an international faculty of experts and is based on the competencies defined in AONeuro's new curriculum in neurotrauma.

The course content is delivered using multiple methods. Comprehensive lectures concentrate on the understanding of core material. Interactive case presentations further deepen this knowledge and enrich the discussion in trauma management. Practical sessions teach the application of AO principles to the management of common injuries. Case-based discussions link the lecture material and practical skills with the clinical problems encountered in real practice.

Davos Courses

AONeuro holds Principles and Advanced Courses in Guangzhou, China

This past May, AONeuro successfully held two courses in Guangzhou, China, with the aim to share the latest developments in the treatment of brain and spinal cord traumas to improve patient outcomes.

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Free featured lecture Davos 2014

Featured lecture

Reconstruction of the cranial vault and skull base

Christian Matula, University Hospital for Neurosurgery, AKH Vienna

Click here to view the lecture.

Upcoming educational events

July 09–10, 2015, Murnau, Germany, AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma
August 5, 2015, Mazatlan, Mexico, AONeuro Seminar—Neurotrauma
September 3–5, 2015, Bellevue, WA, USA,
AONeuro/AOSpine—Controversies in Neurotrauma: Brain and Spinal Cord
October 28–30, 2015, Vienna, Austria, AONeuro Course—Skull Base
November 4–6, 2015, Edinburgh, UK, AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma
November 5–7, Pittsburgh, USA,
AONeuro/AOSpine—Controversies in Neurotrauma: Brain and Spinal Cord
November, 27, 2015, Santiago, Chile, AONeuro Seminar—Neurotrauma
December 15–17, 2015, Davos, Switzerland, AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma

Save the date:

December 14, 2015, Davos, Switzerland,
AONeuro Webinar—Neurovascular Trauma

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