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AONeuro News March 2016

AONeuro in South Africa: first course successfully held in Cape Town

Cape Town Course

At the end of January, AONeuro successfully held its first course on the African continent. Gathering together in Cape Town, South Africa, an international group of 12 AONeuro faculty experts, joining from the US, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Hungary, and South Africa, presented a comprehensive, two-day program to 38 surgeons and surgical trainees from across seven African countries.

AONeuro has the opportunity to greatly impact global health by providing educational opportunities on the African continent, where the burden of disease is high, by equipping doctors with the skills for good clinical management.

Click here to get the full coverage of this exciting event, including video comments of delegates, and an exclusive interview with the Course Director Anthony Figaji.


Become part of the new emergency brain surgery project RESCUE-ASDH

Approximately two-thirds of head-injured patients undergoing emergency brain surgery have an acute subdural hematoma (ASDH) evacuated. When an ASDH is evacuated, the bone flap can be left out or replaced. The RESCUE-ASDH Trial will investigate if decompressive craniectomy leads to better functional outcomes compared to craniotomy for adult head-injured patients undergoing evacuation of an ASDH.

Rescue-ASDHThe RESCUE-ASDH Trial started recruiting in September 2014 in the UK. The study is now extending overseas. International centers are welcome to take part. Are you interested in participating in the RESCUE-ASDH Trial? If so, please visit the trial website (, and fill in the 'Interested to Participate' form and the team will be in touch very shortly.


Featured upcoming educational events


Join our worldwide activities by attending an AONeuro course, seminar or symposium.

May 27–28, 2016, Lima, Peru–AONeuro Symposium—Neurotrauma
Course chairs: Andres Rubiano, Alfonso Basurco

June 17–18, 2016, Sao Paulo, Brazil–AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma
Course chairs: Juan Sahuquillo, Andres Rubiano, Jorge Paranhos, and  Ruy Monteiro

July 1–3, 2016, Bangkok, Thailand–AONeuro Course—Skull Base Micro Dissection
Course chair: Stephen Lewis

July 14–15, 2016, Murnau, Germany–AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma
Course chairs: Aurelia Peraud, Michael Bierschneider

All activities are held by an international faculty of experts and based on the competencies defined by our curricula groups. The content is delivered using comprehensive lectures, interactive case presentations, and practical sessions using cadaver or artificial bone. With activities focusing on interdisciplinary care, AONeuro courses target Neuro, Maxillofacial, CMF, ENT, and Trauma surgeons, as well as those who have a strong interest in these fields.

Further upcoming educational events 2016

April 12–14, 2016, Pacengo di Lazise, Italy–AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma
April 21, 2016, Changsha, China–AONeuro Symposium—Neurotrauma
May 27–29, 2016, Mumbai, India–AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma
October 19–21, 2016, Vienna, Austria–AONeuro Symposium—Skull Base
October 21–23, 2016, Miami, FL, USA–AONeuro Advanced Skull Base and Cerebrovascular Surgery Approaches Course (with Human Anatomic Specimens)
November 18–19, 2016, Phoenix, AZ, USA–AONeuro Course—Pediatric Trauma
December 8, 2016, Bogota, Colombia–AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma
December 12, 2016, Davos, Switzerland–AONeuro Webinar
December 13–15, 2016, Davos, Switzerland–AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma

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